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Cloud Pen 3.0

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 Cloud Pen 3.0

The Cloud Pen 3.0 is our series that comes with 3 different variations of Heating Elements so you can choose which one fits your style. Cloud Pen 3.0 comes with a Dual Ceramtic Rod coil stock in the Battery accompanied with a mediA.2OT as well as a CLoud Atlas . The Cloud Pen 3.0 has the same size battery as the Cloud Pen 2.0. Cloud pen 3.0 series is a gold color scheme with the LED lighting up Gold when in use . The button will Flash Red when it is at 10% Low battery . All Cloud Pen Products are charged using a Micro Usb Charger . 




Top 4 Cloud Pen 3.0 Unique Features

  1. 650 mAh Battery - Drag time of 25 seconds - Gold led light color

  2. Carrying Case equipped with MEDI A2.OT Atomizers, Herbal Atomizer, & Cloud Atlas 

  3. Click-in atomizer technology: Securing your atomizer, that only removes with a push on the side.
  4. Low battery indicator - Button will Flash red when battery life reaches 10%

Everything included in purchase:

1 Cloud Pen 3.0 (650 mAh Battery/Mouthpiece)
Dual ceramic-rod titanium  coil atomizer
Medi A2.0T herbal/dry herb atomizer
1 Cloud Atlas 3.0 Glass Dome Atomizer

Custom Cloud Pen C-Tensils
1 Custom Cloud Pen Silicone Jar
1 Custom Cloud Pen Case
3 Mouth Guards
1 Micro USB Cord Charger
1 Authenticity Card/User Manual
1 Year Limited Warranty


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